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Ryan Woodward Sketches Part 1


Me as a husband

Omg! My dream is to work in disney Animation Studios, so what did you do to get in as an intern? Was it hard? Wish you the best!


Thank you! For Disney, I applied under the Story Internship position. The Disney Animation Summer internship program is divided up by department, such as animation, vis dev, modeling rigging, etc. There are usually one or two interns per department, depending on the year and available mentors at the studio per department. I worked very hard to prepare and draw the storyboards and other pieces for my portfolio, as well as submitting my application on time.  For the internship I submitted a story portfolio with two storyboard sequences, as well as my own personal sketches and animal drawings. The internship was an amazing experience, and I learned a ton during my time there, not only on storyboarding and storytelling skills, but what it means to be a story person in animation.  Being able to talk to story artists and animators that I admired, as well as being surrounded by numerous creative people at the studio not only motivated me to work hard but also grow as an artist.  I was very blessed to have a very encouraging and patient mentor at the studio, who helped me to grow artistically, but also introduce me to the story team and see how each story person worked. Disney is a fantastic place to work at, and full of so many awesome, artistic, and friendly people :)